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Born in 2013,  the essence of Portamento is pure and very true to it’s namesake “allure attitude” – something very personal, an unique expression of style. Based in the heart of London, each pair of Portamento shoes is produced by hand in a family-run factory in Italy, a mix of Italian creativity with an modern touch of East London fun. Italian elegance, wicked humor and a boyish feel come together in an unexpected balance. Contemporary and sophisticated, Portamento still maintains an individual, elegant and wearable aesthetic.


  • Imperfections are beautiful: Portamento shoes are all handmade by artisans (aka real human) so the small imperfections represents the beauty of this journey. Using age-old techniques that have been handed down through generations of highly skilled artisan shoemakers, Portamento produces only a small sustainable runs of collections, acting against fast fashion and offering our loyal customers unique styles.
  • Love last forever: Portamento shoes are made in vegetable tanned leather and when looked after properly, are investment pieces that will see you through day after day, trip after trip, dance after dance. Portamento source the finest quality Italian leathers to produce modern classics made to last forever.



Portamento Recipe:
 *Rarest nostalgic feel
*Pure modern twist
*Spicy fun
*Aged never ending love
*Freshly grated magic
*Larger doses will induce visions of Italian escapes


- Life is a combination of magic and pasta - 
Federico Fellini