Life is a combination of magic and pasta

Portamento is a shoe brand and online store with an aim: combine Italian craftsmanship, nostalgic memories and modern desires.
Portamento shoes are a mix of Italian creativity with an eclectic touch of bohemian chic.
Born in 2013,  the essence of Portamento is pure and very true to it’s namesake “allure attitude” – something very personal, an unique expression of style. Contemporary and sophisticated, Portamento still maintains an individual, personalized, elegant and wearable aesthetic.
Portamento Store is the online shop for Portamento shoes and other indipendent brands and artisans carefully selected. The attention to detail, high quality leather and forward thinking designs are the core strenghts of the Portamento Store products making them feel special and unique.
With all the products 'Made in Italy', using traditional manufacturing with the finest materials and
combing luxury Italian style and passion – these are the main characteristics of the
Portomento Store and Brand.
Portamento Recipe:
1. Italian craftsmanship
2. Classic design with a modern twist
3. Affordable Price
4 Love and Fun

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